We are thrilled to see our Madagascar 65% Mega Milk Easter egg feature in the Women & Home Magazine as a "Top Easter Egg for Grown-Ups" in their April 2018 issue. 

Our 65% milk chocolate diamond-faceted Easter egg contains 65% cocoa solids and 27% milk solids, meaning there is only 8% added sugar... much less than most dark chocolate! 

The higher milk content means our unique egg has a wonderfully rich chocolate taste, with notes of both berry fruit & nutty tones, softened by the inclusion of the milk to give a creamy finish.

Our Mega Milk and Mega Dark Easter eggs are made using freshly dried single origin grand cru cocoa beans grown in the Sambriano region in the north west of Madagascar. Each egg is then handmade and handpacked right here in Dorset! 

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