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We have been crafting our own gelato in small batches in our Dorset chocolate kitchen since 2019 so that our Chocolate House customers can also enjoy the taste of Chococo in frozen form. 

Made with local fresh Dorset milk from Craig's Farm Dairy near Weymouth (other than our vegan-friendly flavours), our gelato has been a huge hit, with six of our most popular flavours winning Great Taste Awards:

  • Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate - 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2020
  • Chocolate Orange - 1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2020
  • Dorset Sea Salt Caramel  - 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2021
  • Venezuela 45% Milk Chocolate - 1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2021
  • Espresso - 1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2022
  • Colombia 43% Oat M!lk Chocolate - 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2023

As well as serving gelato in cones, pots, milkshakes, affogatos or sundaes in our Chocolate Houses, we also offer a wide range of our flavours in 450ml compostable take home tubs as in the photo above. These are available to buy from our 4 Chocolate Houses.

The 2023 Great Taste judges described the Colombia 43% Oat M!lk chocolate gelato as: 'This has such a wonderfu,l rich dark chocolate colour, and the taste is just as rich and chocolatey. It is as rich as any dairy gelato and the complex chocolate has been handled with great care. You would not know this is a vegan ice cream - and that really is a compliment.'

The Great Taste judges described the Madagascar 70% dark chocolate gelato as: "smooth, rich and gloriously seductive, this is a lovely chocolate gelato. The fact that it is dairy and soya free and vegan friendly is not really relevant. It's all about the smoothness of the gelato and the intense deep dark flavours of the chocolate. You wouldn't know it wasn't dairy!"

Another judge said;"This gelato is smooth and velvety in texture and intensely chocolatey and indulgent!.... This is pure chocolate heaven"

By the way, if you think Gelato is just a trendy hipster word for ice cream, think again - invented in Florence in Italy in the 16th century, gelato is the Italian word for frozen & properly made gelato is different to regular ice cream in several ways: it contains less fat & slightly less sugar than ice cream, is denser than ice cream (some ice creams contain as much as 100% extra air which dilutes flavour) & is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream - this means it is softer but richer in consistency & taste. Those few degrees make all the difference on your taste buds...the colder the ice cream, the less flavour you can taste.

With Chococo Gelato, our customers enjoy both gelato flavours you might recognise (such as Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, Espresso, Strawberry or Honeycombe), along with more unusual flavours inspired by our chocolates (such as Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread Caramel or Cherry Bakewell), but with the Chococo twist of being made with the same ingredients as we use to make our chocolates - so you get to enjoy our fine flavours, only cooler!

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