Meet the Team

Our team has grown a bit since we started back in 2002 when it was just Claire & Andy with a toddler in tow (that toddler is now at university and her younger brother is taller than both his parents!). As well as the team members shown here, we have a wonderful team of chocolatiers, packers and chocolate house team members who are all superstars, especially in these tricky pandemic times.




AKA: Kermit (for energetic typing!)

Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Madagascar Mega Milk

Proudest Chococo moment:
Winning the Dorset Food Hero award at the 2019 Dorset Food & Drink Awards in recognition of us championing all things Dorset

Most life changing event:
Sailing around the world on yacht Commercial Union in the BT Global Challenge in 1996/7

Can Be Heard Saying:
Cherub, cool beans



AKA: Mr Messy

Most Likely To Be Found Eating:

Proudest Chococo moment:
Opening our 4th Chocolate House in Horsham just weeks after extended the cafe of our Swanage Chocolate House

Most life changing event:
Driving to Cape Town BC3 (Before Claire, Before Children, Before Chocolate)
Can Be Heard Saying: We are where we are


Retail Analyst & Projects Manager

AKA: The Spreadsheet King (& chief chocista)

Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Cocoa Nibs slabs
Proudest Chococo moment: Seeing our Chocolate Houses filled with lots of happy customers
Most life changing event: Travelling around the world for over a year.
Can Be Heard Saying: No Worries


Retail Operations Manager  

AKA: Give me a Challenge man
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Lemon Zing or a cinnamon bun
Proudest Chococo moment: helping the managers progress with their training 
Most life changing event: the birth of my son Jackson 
Can Be Heard Saying: I'll get that sorted


Exeter Choc House Manager

AKA: The Most Energetic One
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Perfect Passion
Proudest Chococo moment: Winning Best Indie Retailer of the Year in the Food Mag reader awards in 2019
Most life changing event: I lived in Rome for a year & learnt a lot about myself when alone in a foreign country!
Can Be Heard Saying: Absofruitly!


Horsham Choc House Manager

AKA: The Perky One
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Heavenly Honeycombe
Proudest Chococo moment: Being promoted to Store Manager.
Most life changing event: I love travelling but it has to be Venice - the views around the city are just amazing
Can Be Heard Saying: Perfect or That's lovely!


Swanage Choc House Manager

AKA: The Always Positive One
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Totally Twisted Nose
Proudest Chococo moment: Being with Chococo in Swanage for 17 years!
Most life changing event: my 3 amazingly tall sons
Can Be Heard Saying: Right!


Chococo Designer

AKA: Mr Creative
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: all of them!  
Proudest Chococo moment: setting off the fire alarm after setting the toaster to 6!
Most life changing event: the recent arrival of baby Louie 
Can Be Heard Saying: shall we deboss that?


Customer Care Manager

AKA: Dorset Girl 
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Turkish Delight 
Proudest Chococo moment: Getting the job 
Most life changing event: Becoming a Mum 
Can Be Heard Saying: How can I help you?


Finance Director

AKA: The Numbers King
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Dorset Sea Salt Caramel
Proudest Chococo moment: Supporting the packing team to smash their Easter targets 
Most life changing event: Living in the USA for 4 year as a child 
Can Be Heard Saying: Let's do it all again tomorrow, but better


Packing & Despatch Manager 

AKA: The pallet truck king
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Milk toasted cashew & sea salt slabs
Proudest Chococo moment: Building a happy team
Most life changing event: Being the daddy to girls, baby #2 is due soon!
Can Be Heard Saying: Sweeeeet!


Production Manager

AKA: Kevlar
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Lemon Zing
Proudest Chococo moment: Managing our team of chocolatiers plus developing both our gelato & bakery businesses 
Most life changing event: Having Children
Can Be Heard Saying: Yo Yo!


Marketing & Comms Manager

AKA: The Creative Digital Queen
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Lemon Zing
Proudest Chococo moment:Building engagement on our social feeds, especially Instagram
Most life changing event:Buying a campervan & travelling around Europe
Can Be Heard Saying:That's not a problem


Gelato & Flavour Development

AKA:The Gelato King
Most Likely To Be Found Eating:any new flavours I am working on!
Proudest Chococo moment: getting great feedback to my new ideas
Most life changing event: being married 
Can Be heard Saying: No problem


Chief Chocolate Artist

AKA:The paintbrush queen
Most Likely To Be Found Eating: Wild Thing
Proudest Chococo moment: creating a huge Easter egg for a bespoke wedding commission
Most life changing events: Having my beautiful daughter & (finally) marrying my soul mate in Lockdown 
Can Be heard Saying: 'yep, we can do that!'