Help us reforest for Orangutans with SOS Sumatra

Help us rebuild the rainforest

In 2018 we started a very exciting collaboration with Orangutan SOS (The Sumatra Orangutan Society), to help reforest areas of Northern Sumatra which have been destroyed for farming, logging and palm oil production.

Tuan (which means 'sir' in Malay), Tuandua (dua is 2) & Tuantiga (tiga is 3) are our milk, dark & oat m!lk chocolate orangutans. Each is handcrafted using a design adapted for us by our friends at Lush, a slightly larger Dorset company, from their limited edition orangutan soap mould and each one helps plant cocoa tree seedlings in Sumatra.

Every chocolate orangutan sold funds the planting of one cocoa tree seedling which helps bring sustainable trees back to deforested areas to restore the orangutans habitat and will fruit in the future.

As of Spring 2022, we have funded the planting of 10,355 cocoa tree seedlings. We were thrilled to discover from the SOS team in Sumatra, that orangutans love eating cocoa bean flesh fresh from the pod! Growing cocoa will also bring wider income streams to local farmers. In a few years time, we hope to be buying the cocoa beans from the farmers, to make orangutan-approved Chococo chocolate!


Be an Ocean Guardian and protect Ocean Giants with our Turtle Chocolates


Be an Ocean Guardian

As of June 2021, we have proudly partnered with the Ocean Giants Programme, with 5% of every box of our handcrafted milk and dark chocolate turtles and 'Ocean' Easter egg sold being donated to the organisation.

As Chococo started in Swanage by the seaside in Dorset & our co-founders Claire & Andy are keen sailors (Claire actually raced around the world in the BT Global Challenge Round the World yacht race back in 1996/7!), we are very connected to the sea. Doing more to help a marine conservation charity feels like the right thing to do as everyone becomes more aware of the impacts on ocean life caused by plastic pollution & global warming.

The Ocean Giants Programme is an international conservation charity, which protects the ocean’s largest and most threatened marine species, and their biologically important habitats. 

The OGP is responding to the global threat of extinction to some of the most iconic species on the planet. Only through integrating international research, with local marine conservation and education will Ocean Giants such as manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, whales and sea turtles survive and thrive. Working exclusively with both internationally renowned scientists, Plymouth University and local project partners, OGP is offering a new, refreshing and more effective approach to the understanding and protection of Ocean Giants. Working with partner marine conservation NGOs in Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines, the Ocean Giants Programme are nurturing local conservation action, education and outreach and also inspiring the next generation of marine scientists to become future ocean guardians through funding marine students securing placements with these NGOs.


Reduce carbon in the atmosphere with our Project Seagrass collaboration chocolates


Help Save the Seagrass

In August 2021, we teamed up with Project Seagrass, a UK based environmental charity dedicated to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems around the world, donating 5% from every large chocolate fish and chips sold to the organisation.

Seagrass meadows are hugely important but little appreciated - they produce oxygen, clean our coastal waters, absorb greenhouse gas emissions and help keep our oceans healthy which stabilises the climate.

Further, thousands of marine species, including fish, turtles & seahorses, depend on seagrass for food & shelter.

Despite covering just 0.1% of the ocean floor, seagrass stores 18% of global oceanic carbon (hence the term bluecarbon), but these amazingly efficient carbon sinks are under threat – 1 hectare of seagrass is lost every hour, the equivalent of a rugby pitch.

Saving seagrass is vital to saving our seas and stabilising the Earth’s atmosphere and every sale of our Large Chocolate Fish and Chips will help support the amazing work this charity does and help protect our seas, atmosphere and marine life.




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