Rhubarb & Vanilla is back as our Chocolate of the Month for March

Rhubarb & Vanilla is back as our Chocolate of the Month for March

We are delighted to announce that Rhubarb & Vanilla is BACK and it is our chocolate of the month for March. Always a hit with both our online & shop customers, this seasonal chocolate is back for Spring & Summer 2024.

This chocolate won a Bronze in the International Chocolate Awards in 2022 and is an annual favourite - however, this flavour is seasonal as we can't make all our chocolates all the time and we like to wait until rhubarb is back!

Each signature Colombia origin milk chocolate domed shell is filled with 2 layers of deliciousness - a vanilla-infused fresh Dorset cream blended with Colombia origin white chocolate ganache at the bottom which is topped with a Dorset-made tart rhubarb jam. This gives a wonderful hit of sharp cooling fruitiness before you enjoy the rich creaminess underneath.

The two layers are piped into the shells by hand by Emma and then the finished chocolates are decorated by hand by Jacqui & her team, with their trusty paintbrushes, creating swirls of naturally coloured cocoa butter. When we say natural colours, we mean it - the pink is made up of extracts of sweet potato, radish, cherry & apple, whilst the green is made from spirulina and safflower....is that clever or what!

This chocolate will be in our fresh selection boxes and subscription boxes this month as well as being part of the curated collection in our large fresh Mother's Day selection boxes




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