Our Honeycombe Easter egg is on delicious magazine's wish list...is it on yours?

Our Honeycombe Easter egg is on delicious magazine's wish list...is it on yours?

Take a look at the April issue of delicious magazine out now and, more specifically, page 15 where editor Karen Barnes gives her Easter wish list. She says that they test hundreds of products and that the items included in her wish list are only the most useful, beautiful or best value for money.

We are chuffed to see our 45% Venezuelan milk chocolate egg studded with big chunks of our Dorset honey honeycombe included on their wish list of Easter eggs - in fact, apart from some mini ganache-filled eggs by Betty's, all the other eggs on the page are mass produced supermarket eggs, so we are pleased to do our bit to represent the indie artisan chocolatiers of the UK!

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We have been making our Honeycombe Easter egg for years and we think there would be a riot if we ever stopped making them as they have become a core part of Easter celebrations for many of our customers.

This egg is made with our house single origin Venezuelan milk chocolate and contains 45% cocoa solids. This is high for a milk chocolate and gives it a much richer chocolate taste than most other much sweeter milk chocolates. This milk chocolate is also made with sunflower lecithin, so is soya-free. 

We make each egg by hand in half, starting with a light dusting of the edible gold shimmer before building up the layers of milk chocolate. Whilst the second layer is still wet, big chunks of honeycombe are placed inside by hand & then sealed into the wall of the egg by being covered with a final layer of chocolate.

By the way, we make the honecyombe by hand here at Chococo too - none of that bought-in stuff with us. We make it with local Dorset honey too, so is a genuine honeycombe!

Once the chocolate has set, the egg halves are turned out of their moulds & the each egg is stuck together by Dan by hand - yes you read that right...he is a master of sticking - eggs, fish, orangutans, Christmas trees, ducks...you name it, Dan will stick it together beautifully!

Making our eggs is a labour of love and then they need to be packed - this too is done by hand & our team of packing ladies, led by Emma, have to assemble all the various parts of the box before placing the egg inside & finishing it off - there are several elements to our hexagonal boxes, all of which are recyclable - even the rigid plastic frontage which protects the egg is made of 70% recycled plastic materials & is recyclable again.

If you decide to order one of our Honeycombe Studded Easter eggs, we hope that you enjoy it very much!


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