Simple Store Cupboard Chocolate Slabs

Simple Store Cupboard Chocolate Slabs


  • 150g chocolate - can be all milk or all dark or a mix of both
  • c5-6 biscuits eg: digestives, rich tea, ginger nuts etc
  • c25-50g of peanuts or pecans 150g chocolate - can be all milk or all dark or a mix of both or hazelnuts or raisins, dates, apricots etc! ie: basically whatever you have in your cupboards that you think might work - most things will, even pretzels are tasty!


  • x1 baking tray lined with greaseproof paper


  1. Break up the chocolate into smallish pieces & put c70% of the chocolate into a glass or metal bowl sitting over a pan which has a small amount of water in the bottom
  2. Heat gently - do not allow the water to boil!
  3. When most of the chocolate has melted, take the bowl off the heat, add the rest of the chopped chocolate & gently stir until all the chocolate melts - this will help bring the temperature of the chocolate down, to help give you a kitchen logic temper which means your chocolate slabs will set nicely & break with a snap (don't worry too much about the science here - this is a simple snack!)
  4. Put your biscuits in a bag & gently bash with a rolling pin - you want bits of biscuit, not fine crumbs
  5. Add any bashed nuts, chopped fruits to suit (& depending what you can find in your cupboards!)
  6. Add to the melted chocolate & stir until everything is coated in chocolate
  7. Pour out onto the prepared tray and smooth to a flat layer
  8. Pop into the fridge for c10 minutes or until set
  9. Voila! Enjoy!