Our Dorset Dinosaur Eggs spotted in their natural habitat

Our Dorset Dinosaur Eggs spotted in their natural habitat

Our Dinosaur eggs are an annual best seller for us and one our favourite items to make each year as they are a homage to our wonderful county of Dorset where we are based. Chococo started in the seaside town of Swanage, back in 2002, which is on the very eastern edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast - it starts at Old Harry Rocks which are to the north of Swanage bay and runs all the way along the Dorset coast to East Devon.

One of the most famous spots along the coast is Kimmeridge bay, famous locally for good surfing when conditions are right and also for the ammonites you can find embedded in the rock beds at low tide (& the fabulous Clavell Tower, a 19th century folly tower on the top of the cliffs which you can book to stay in!).

More recently, Kimmeridge hit the headlines with the discovery of the skull of a massive 150 million year old Pliosaur half way down the cliffs behind the beach. It was christened 'the giant sea monster' and was the hero of a documentary by Sir David Attenborough which aired on New Year's Day this year. You can see the Pliosaur skull at the Etches Collection museum in Kimmeridge village which re-opens again on Monday 25th March in time for the Easter holidays. 

We had a bit of fun earlier today in a misty Kimmeridge on a hunt for Dinosaur eggs and sure enough, we found a fresh clutch of them! Each egg is handcrafted of our award-winning signature Colombia origin milk chocolate finished with a marbled creamy layer of Colombia white chocolate, but the fun part is when you break open the egg....inside are mini dark & white chocolate dinosaurs and ammonites...just like the ones you can find embedded in the rocks at Kimmeridge!

Red magazine recently described this egg as 'magical for children and big kids alike' and Cosmopolitan christened it 'the world's cutest Easter egg'. We just love that it makes so many people smile and enjoy every year!

Click here to see our reel on instagram of our visit to Kimmeridge - you can also view all our videos on this link - enjoy!

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