We are delighted to announce the launch, albeit slightly later than we had intended, of our new 65% Madagscan origin Mega Milk 75g heart in our stylish new diamond patterned heart bar. 

This "dark milk" chocolate, produced from tree to bar for us to work with in Madagscar by Chocolaterie Robert, is a delicious gift for that special someone who loves chocolate but wants to cut back as much as possible on sugar...why?
Because it contains 65% cocoa solids (as much as many dark chocolates), 27% milk solids & therefore only 8% added sugar!

You wouldnt know that it was so low in sugar though, as the milk gives a wonderful creaminess and offsets the intensity of the chocolate.

We all love this Mega Milk chocolate here at Chococo and we hope that your love does too!

Click here to view our new 75g Mega Milk heart