Meet our new 'Spring Chickens' in milk & oat m!lk chocolate

Meet our new 'Spring Chickens' in milk & oat m!lk chocolate

Ok, so they are a bit daft but we think they are super fun! We made Coronation Chickens last year and they were so popular, we thought it would be fun to make them again but now as 'Spring Chickens'. They have new decorations, thanks to the creativity of Jacqui our chocolate artist, and now come in two different types of chocolate.

Both chickens are crafted of single origin Colombian chocolate made for us, by our chocolate partner Luker in Bogota, with fine fino de aroma beans from the Tumaco, Santander & Huila regions - our 2023 Gold Great Taste award-winning signature 47% milk and 43% oat m!lk, for anyone who wants to enjoy a creamy tasting chocolate without dairy (by the way, in case you are wondering, the oat powder used to make this chocolate is also gluten-free). Both chocolates are free from palm oil (as are all our chocolates obviously) & also free from soya lecithin (in fact we are down to just our white chocolate & one type of dark chocolate which we use in our bakery which still do contain it - we are getting there to remove it completely!).

Each chicken is hand-decorated by Jacqui & her team with natural coloured cocoa butter splatters and is presented in recyclable, 100% plastic-free packaging - each is wrapped in tissue inside a kraft cardboard box.

We hope you enjoy giving or eating these chickens as much as we enjoy making them!

These chickens will be available to buy in our Chocolate Houses this week and are available to order online already - milk chocolate chicken or oat m!lk chocolate chicken

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