If you’re still looking to fit in a fun activity with the kids this half term, our Exeter & Horsham Chocolate Houses are offering the chance for you to become a creative chocolatier! For only £3.50, you can make and decorate your own milk chocolate lolly. No booking is required - just turn up - and there are certainly no age limits! 

In all of our Chocolate Houses you can enjoy our NEW ice cream sundaes made with Purbeck Ice Cream or Sussex Ice Cream (in Horsham), served in jars with your choice of tasty toppings and drizzled with our pure house hot chocolate sauce that contains no added sugar or syrups!

We also have a NEW 'Fondue for 2' - Dip fresh strawberries, banana, pretzels, shortbread biscuits and marshmallows into a bowl of our scrumptious hot chocolate sauce. A sumptuous treat to be shared & enjoyed at any time of the day!