We are delighted to introduce you all to Larry, our new chocolate lobster! He is handmade of our 45% house milk chocolate made with fine Venezuelan cocoa beans.
Each one is made in two halves before being stuck together by hand by Dan & then hand-decorated by Kev & the team with splashes of naturally coloured cocoa butter. 
The colours we use are curcumin, spirulina & beetroot.

Each 145g lobster is served in a recyclable cardboard tray with a 100g portion of white chocolate chips in a cardboard cone! The chips are swirled with dark chocolate "brown sauce" too!

The lobster & chips are then wrapped in a home compostable woodpulp bag, so this product is actually plastic-free too.

 Larry is available now in all our 4 Chocolate Houses and to order online.

Click here to view Larry the Lobster