ITV's 'This Morning' featured our Dark Ocean Egg this morning!

ITV's 'This Morning' featured our Dark Ocean Egg this morning!

We were chuffed to see our dark chocolate Ocean Egg be included in Steve Wilson's Ultimate Easter Egg Guide on ITV's show 'This Morning' today 11th March 2024.

He had a team of young chocolate tasters in the studio and they bravely sampled a lot of different chocolate eggs!

We were in the section featuring vegan-friendly Easter eggs as dark chocolate is naturally vegan-friendly. Lots of people still don't understand this but dark chocolate is just a blend of cocoa beans and sugar to greater or lesser amounts. So our 72% Ecuador origin dark chocolate means that it contains 28% sugar. There is also a tiny amount (0.3% tiny) of sunflower lecithin in the chocolate too and that is it!

Please though do check the ingredients information for other branded dark chocolate items as not all dark chocolate is pure - some cheaper dark chocolate can include a small amount of milk powder (we have no idea why either) so they are not vegan-friendly. 

Our signature 72% dark chocolate is produced for us in Ecuador with fine heritage Arriba Nacional cocoa beans sourced from a single estate - Hacienda Zoilita - a cocoa farm in the Los Rios region of Ecuador, very close to the Martinetti factory in Quevedo. This chocolate is slave-free and sustainable - adults run the farm, children go to school!
The Martinetti team make 10 tonnes of our chocolate for us at a time (it is unique to us) and then ship it by sea direct to us in Dorset - how about that for 100% traceability & transparency!
This chocolate's flavour notes are rich & smooth with hints of purple fruit (think raisins) & coffee and it has a long mellow finish. This chocolate is also award-winning as a bar version of it won a Gold Great Taste Award in 2023.

Our Dark Chocolate Ocean Egg was also recommended by the taste test team at Good Housekeeping in their annual egg taste test, so it is getting lots of attention this year!

Inside each Ocean egg you will find mini dark chocolate starfish & turtles studded to the inside wall of the egg. Each egg is hand-decorated with naturally coloured cocoa butter 'waves' to represent the sea. Whilst they didnt show the box, the egg is presented in 100% plastic-free packaging. The box can be recycled after use.

If dark chocolate is not your thing, we do also make a milk chocolate Ocean egg with our signature Colombia origin milk chocolate.





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