The Independent Online give their vote to our "pretty as a picture" Mother's Day Selection boxes

The Independent Online give their vote to our

The Independent Online featured a review on March 9th of the 10 best Mother's Day chocolate gifts to spoil her with on Mother's Day this year and loved both our flavours and the truly fresh taste of our chocolates - "Lovingly handmade in Dorset, this box of chocs is a real looker....Chocolates are so fresh that they only have a 2 week window in which to eat them - not a problem that we were faced with."

By the way, the price they give on the article is actually for the small box size - they should have said "from £11". The medium Mother's Day box of 16 chocolates they show in the article is £16.50. However, as it is editorial coverage, we have no control or input into what they say and in case any of you are wondering, we have definitely not paid them to include us! The independent also do not earn any revenue from us if people click on the links to buy from us - we are a small business that cannot afford  to do such things!

If a medium box of 16 doesn't feel large enough for you, we also offer a large Mother's Day Selection box of 25 fine, fresh chocolates with all the flavours in the medium box plus more!

They also had this to say about our chocolates in their overall verdict at the bottom of the article which we hope you will be as excited by as we were:

"...If you want something as pretty as a picture, then Chococo would get our vote for their fresh, beautifully decorated chocolates and inventive flavours"

Each one of our Mother's Day selection boxes is presented in a special "Just for Mum" yellow & green patterned wrap designed just for us which we hope will make mum go "oooh" even before she has opened the box to see the chocolates inside!

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