How to make Easter Eggs with Maddie Moate

How to make Easter Eggs with Maddie Moate
Find our how Easter Eggs are made with Maddie Moate!
We were very lucky to have the wonderful Maddie Moate join us last year, to learn how are sustainable, ethical, single origin Easter Eggs are made.
From handcrafting each egg, to painting and packing, Maddie joined in with the whole process and made her very own charity Ocean Egg filled with chocolate turtles!
Maddie learnt all about where chocolate comes from, sustainable chocolate, how to mould the chocolate by hand into eggs, sticking the turtles and starfish inside, painting and decorating with natural colours, and how we carefully wrap and pack each one in 100% plastic-free packaging.
You can order your own charity Ocean Egg, with 5% of each sale being donated to the Ocean Giants Programme, here. Or visit our chocolate houses in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter, and Horsham.
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