Autumn Chocolate Fondue recipe to make at home

Autumn Chocolate Fondue recipe to make at home

Chococo Seasonal Fondue

This recipe is by Claire Burnet, co-founder of Chococo and she has this to say about it:

"I am a big fan of interactive food that chocolate lovers of all ages can get stuck into and enjoy together & our fondues are always popular in our cafes. One of the joys of this dessert is that you can vary the dipping treats by time of year. For Autumn & Christmas, I have suggested some seasonal goodies, but enjoy choosing whatever you fancy to dip into chocolate!
This fondue is made with just chocolate and water, so isn’t as rich as other recipes involving cream. This recipe is also family-friendly as I have included a little milk chocolate for a touch of sweetness. If you want to keep it dairy-free however, then use 200g of dark chocolate only."


150g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)

50g milk chocolate (ideally min 35% cocoa solids)

100 -120ml just-boiled water


Dipping Treats:

Seasonal fruits: dates, clementines, pears, fresh or dried figs

Other treats: crystallised ginger, artisan marshmallows, cantuccini biscuits, shortbread, nuts, candied chestnuts, mini meringues, pretzels


Serves 6-8 depending on appetites

Chop the chocolate into small chunks & place in a glass bowl sitting over a pan of barely simmering water & melt gently. The water in the pan should not touch the bottom of the bowl.
Once the chocolate is melted, gradually add up to 100ml of the just-boiled water (do not add water whilst it is still boiling as it may scorch the chocolate), stirring after each addition to form a smooth mixture.
If the sauce is too thick for your liking, add a little more water, if it’s too thin, add more chopped chocolate. By the way, when you first add the water, it will turn lumpy & horrible but don’t worry! Keep adding the water & it will turn into a smooth shiny sauce.
You can make this fondue sauce ahead of time and gently re-warm it in a bowl sitting over a pan of barely simmering water before serving.


To serve:

Place the fruits and other dipping treats onto a large platter. Pour the warm sauce into a fondue dish, or if you don’t have one, just before serving, warm a serving bowl in hot water, dry it & then pour the warm sauce into it and enjoy!

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