If you are looking for new ideas for things to bake and cook at home, we have created an online community cookbook which is free to access & print recipes from.

With a combination of recipes from our Chococo cookbook, plus more recent recipes from our Chococo bakery, our chocolate house teams & foodie friends, it will hopefully inspire you with some new ideas to refresh your menus and, if you have children, give you some new ideas for baking activities for them too - many of our recipes are designed to be easy to make at home, including these chocolate chip scones.

These dinky scones take no time at all to make and are a domestic version of our very popular chocolate chip scones as served in our chocolate house cafes.

Some of the chocolate bakes in the community cookbook are gluten-free which is helpful in these flour-shortage times!

We are adding to the community cookbook all the time, so keep an eye on it for new ideas.

Happy baking!

Click here to view our Community Cookbook