We are delighted to finally launch our Brownies Baking Kit - several weeks in the development but now available to order online for nationwide delivery.

This kit will enable you to make two brownie recipes - our popular Squidgy Pecan Brownies, as we serve in our cafes & as in our cookbook published back in 2011 (& which are also gluten-free), and our new Double Chocolate & Cocoa Nib Goldies (our interpretation of a Blondie but made with caramelised white chocolate called Gold, hence the name Goldies).

It comes complete with 2 recipe cards, the correct amount of dark & gold chocolate in handy mini buttons to make both brownies (so no chopping required) & pre-measured key ingredients of pecan nuts & ground almonds to make the brownies & cocoa nibs to make the goldies.

All you need to add are (hopefully) kitchen cupboard ingredients of eggs, butter, light brown sugar, vanilla extract (which is optional if you dont have any), salt & flour (for the goldies only).

Both recipes are simple to make, requiring only elbow grease, or a handheld electric whisk if you have one, for whisking the eggs & sugar together, plus a couple of bowls and a square baking tin.

Once we are open again, our pecan brownies will be back in our cafes to takeaway and we will also launch the Goldies, so you are getting a sneak preview of a new Chococo cafe creation here!

Click here to view our Brownies Baking Kit

We hope you enjoy baking these recipes and if so, there is further recipe inspiration in our Community Cookbook on our website - click here for more information.