An apology from us for the lack of any Ruby hearts in the Valentine Selection Boxes

An apology from us for the lack of any Ruby hearts in the Valentine Selection Boxes

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! We have had some lovely feedback already from customers enjoying their chocolates but also a few queries about the lack of the pink ruby hearts in the selection boxes despite them being on the menu.

Sadly, this is because the day we started packing the boxes just before posting, we realised that we had a problem with the ruby & cherry chocolate hearts. This ruby chocolate is more tricky to work with than we had appreciated and had reacted with the new more liquid ganache centre that we had developed for this year, vs dried fruits that we have only ever included before.

This resulted in the chocolate going a very strange colour in places on the hearts and, whilst it didn't affect the flavour, it looked unsightly and we decided it wasn't the right thing to include them as they were not perfect and now didn't look like the picture on the menu. This issue hadn't come up in our test batches prior to the main batch run, so we are still scratching our heads slightly about it, but the upshot was, we were not able to fix this problem and had to swap the hearts out for one of the other flavours on the Valentine menu. Such are the joys of making chocolates fresh by hand in small batches just before the items are being posted.

We hope that the lack of these hearts didn't detract too much from your enjoyment of the other chocolates and that the new recipe Dorset Mure and Peach Bellini were enjoyed especially - we think we have made big improvements in their flavour profiles this year!

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