Delight your family with our twist on an Advent calendar...where will you hide the daily chocolate?

Delight your family with our twist on an Advent calendar...where will you hide the daily chocolate?

Advent will be upon us before we know it, and if you haven't organised an Advent Calendar yet, how about this for something completely different?

If you havent come across our very popular Advent Treasure Hunts before, why not start a new tradition in your family & turn every day from December 1st to Christmas Eve into a daily hunt to entertain the young & young at heart. Channel that pre-Christmas excitement by setting them off to find the daily milk chocolate shapes that you have hidden around your home or garden (if the weather is suitable!) .

Inside the re-usable red hessian Santa 'sack' are 24 numbered packets, each containing TWO festive milk chocolate shapes, perfect for sharing (or not, as the case may be!). Each 6-7g snowman, tree or santa chocolate shape is handmade of our 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate, so your youngsters (or significant other) will be enjoying a daily milk chocolate treat high in cocoa solids & low in sugar.

On every packet we have also added a daily festive cracker warned, they are uber cheesy which we hope will raise a chuckle or two.
By the way, speaking as a mum, one of the joys of this particular Advent Calendar is that you can be in complete control of the issue of the daily chocolate (or save a few days up & have a bigger hunt every weekend if you like), vs normal calendars which can be consumed all in one go!

Suggested hiding places could include; under pillows, inside wellington boots, in a coat pocket, under cushions on a chair or the sofa, in the arms of a favourite cuddly toy, under the TV remote or a games controller.....and so on!

Lastly, you get to keep the red hessian Santa sack which, as Winnie the Pooh would say, you can use "for putting things in".

We hope you enjoy starting a new pre-Christmas tradition in your family with our Advent Calendar Treasure Hunt.

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