We were delighted to see that our annual best selling Purbeck Marble Cake Wreath is featured in the Independent's review of the best alternative desserts to Chrismas Pudding>

This is what they had to say about our Biscuit Cake wreath:

"If you’ve been tasked with taking the pudding along to a family gathering, this top-quality showstopper looks impressive on its be-ribboned presentation tray. It’s also a great choice for those who’d rather have a dessert that will last longer than Christmas lunch, as there’s a kilo of densely-packed tiffin here which will comfortably serve 10-12 guests. This egg-free choice features pistachio and cranberry-scattered milk chocolate, encasing a concoction of cherries, raisins and rich tea biscuits. Pop it on a raised cake stand for maximum Christmas cheer." 

We think they have summarised it rather well - it does indeed weigh x1kg and is filled with dark chocolate blended with cherries, raisins & crunchy rich tea biscuits. It is covered in our 43% Venezuelan origin milk chocolate & white chocolate "snow" with pecans (not pistachios) & cranberries on top.

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