We are Officially Delicious - Great Taste Awards 2023

We are Officially Delicious - Great Taste Awards 2023
We are delighted to announce that we have won 5 Great Taste Awards in the 2023 judging!
Each earning 1 Star Golds in the acclaimed awards are our signature 47% Colombia Origin Milk Chocolate, signature 72% Ecuador Origin Dark Chocolate, and seasonal Tawny Post & Fig, and Black Forest Gateau filled Chocolates.
Some comments from the judges...
47% Colombia Origin Milk Chocolate: "A smooth and attractive looking milk chocolate with a good snap. Melt in the mouth feel. A friendly flavour with the cocoa coming through and a light fruitiness adding interest. Creamy, rich and with earthy depth- very moreish."
72% Ecuador Origin Dark Chocolate: "It has a wonderful snap, and has a slow and gentle but very rewarding melt. The texture is excellent, and the taste captures the complexity that a great dark chocolate can deliver, with fruity notes, hints on honey and a long, dark, rich, fruity finish."
Tawny Port & Fig filled chocolate: "These little domed chocolates look so pretty with their glazed patterned tops. On cutting, they are packed with the fig ganache There is a heady aroma of booze and chocolate. On tasting, the shell is crisp and thin. The ganache is deep, rich, dark and boozy with the lovely added texture of the fig seeds. There is a real kick from the port and the bitter level of the chocolate is in perfect contrast to the sweet port and figs. The flavours linger long on the palate too, which is really enjoyable."
Black Forest Gateau filled chocolate: "A very attractive-looking chocolate. Good gloss, beautifully crafted, charming cherry-esque decoration. Commendably thin, crisp chocolate shell... Really deep, dark, richly flavoured chocolate that lingers long on the palate."
Receiving a 2 Star Gold Award is our 43% Oat M!lk Chocolate Gelato!
The judges said: "This has such a wonderful, rich dark chocolate colour, and the taste is just as rich and chocolatey. It is as rich as any dairy gelato and the complex chocolate has been handled with great care. You would not know this is a vegan ice cream - and that really is a compliment."
You can find out signature bars online and in our Chocolate Houses in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter, and Horsham - when you pop in you can enjoy our award-winning gelato too!
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