We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest creation as our June chocolate of the month...Wasabi Wonder. Created with the first fresh wasabi to be grown anywhere in Europe by The Wasabi Company, a sister of our friends at The Watercress Company.

Wasabi grows in water in a very similar way to watercress, so there is a natural synergy and so we are thrilled to be working with wasabi grown locally on both their Dorset & Hampshire farms!

Caroline, one of our team of chocolatiers, has blended freshly grated wasabi with fresh root ginger & a splash of soya sauce in a fresh cream & Venezuelan milk chocolate ganache. Each chocolate is then covered in a layer of Madagascan dark chocolate sprinkled with sesame seeds.

It is definitely one of the more unusual flavour combinations that we have created, but it got the big thumbs up from wasabi afficienados at The Wasabi Company's Wasabi launch day in Hampshire in May (which you may have seen featured on BBC's South Today if you live in our neck of the woods).

We hope you enjoy this treat of heat, spice & sweetness...wasabi as you have never tasted it before!