"An innovation in fine chocolate" - our Vegan Milc Egg!

"An innovation in fine chocolate" - our Vegan Milc Egg!

One of our 2019 Easter Collection Eggs is already been exciting the press, with Vegan Food & Living picking up our Vegan Milc Egg, calling it "An innovation in fine chocolate" and saying "If you are looking for a milky Easter egg with a delicate hint of hazelnut flavour then this egg will blow you away"!

The vegan milc (with a 'c') egg is NEW for 2019, and perfect for someone who wants an egg that still has that 'milky' taste, but is made with a milk alternative, making it dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

This egg is made with 40% cocoa produced in Madagascar, whilst the 'milc' is created by blending Malagasy cashews with grand cru de sambirano cocoa beans for a creamy smooth chocolate taste with gentle nut notes.

This egg is made with raisetrade cocoa, which supports developing nations by raising the skills, value and ultimately contributing to raising wealth at the origin of the chocolate.

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