Update on our Covid measures in our Chocolate Houses from 19th July

Update on our Covid measures in our Chocolate Houses from 19th July

We know that you know that this pandemic crisis is not over and as such, we are not changing anything in our Chocolate Houses from 19th July. Our teams will continue to wear face coverings, offer sanitiser by our entrances, keep a distance between tables inside and keep all our doors open for maximum ventilation. We also ask that you keep your distance if you have to queue, pay by contactless and we ask very nicely that you wear a mask and sanitise your hands when you enter our premises.

Whilst we understand that most covid rules are now no longer a legal requirement, we have a duty of care to our staff, many of whom are young and are not yet fully vaccinated, and also to our customers who may not yet all be double jabbed. With case numbers rising so fast and hospitalisations on the rise too, which the last thing an exhausted NHS can deal with right now, we feel strongly that it is the socially responsible thing to do to carry on our current measures for a while longer yet. We will continue them until all our team are fully vaccinated at the very least.

We hope that you understand the reason for our decision and are happy to continue to wear a mask when visiting us. We have all got used to wearing them and don't think that it is a particular hardship to continue to do so for a bit longer. If you are visiting our cafes, you can of course take it off once seated at a table in order to eat or drink!

We will not be offering any group chocolate parties or chocolate tasting events for the forseeable future but will review this policy on a regular basis. We will update our website and social media channels as soon as we feel comfortable to offer such activities. 

We are also continuing to operate all our covid measures in our chocolate kitchen here in Wareham in Dorset too - no change for us and none of the team want to do anything different. Everyone appreciates the potential impact the relaxing of the rules will have on the numbers infected, or impacted by isolation rules, and the uncertainty around the potential health impacts, especially for our younger, not yet fully vaccinated team members.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Claire & Andy Burnet
co-founders, on behalf of all the team


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