Our "magical" Unicorn Egg is the Best Kids Easter Egg according to the Independent

Our "magical" Unicorn Egg is the Best Kids Easter Egg according to the Independent

Woohoo! The independent Online love our Unicorn Egg as much as we do! We were bowled over to see their review of the 10 Best Kids' Easter Eggs reivew today 18th March 2019 in which they said so many nice things about our Unicorn Easter egg that we blushed! By the way, in case anyone is wondering if we are the sort of brand that pays people to write nice things, just to reassure you, we don't do that!

Those nice people at the Independent were so impressed by our Unicorn egg that they also awarded it their Best Buy - happy days or what!

They had this to say about it:
"Surely this is the prettiest Easter egg you have ever seen?...It takes a good whack with a wooden spoon to get inside, and that's when it really gets magical. Embedded into the inside of this egg are the cutest, yummiest, white chocolale unicorns. A truly enchanting looking and delicious egg designed to make young jaws drop."

They also gave it the thumbs up in their verdict at the end of the article - in fact, they didnt mention any other eggs, they were so taken with our Unicorn Egg, describing it as "out of this world"...we'll take that & we hope that you agree!

Click here to read the full article in the Independent

Click here to view our Unicorn Studded Easter Egg

We actually first starting making our Unicorn egg last year for Easter 2018 & it was so popular that we have brought it back for Easter 2019. We make the egg in two halves, building up the layers of 45% Venezuela origin milk chocolate before we stud each half with 3 Colombia origin white chocolate unicorns.
Once the chocolate has set, we then take them out of the moulds & Dan sticks them together by hand before Jacqui then decorates each one with naturally coloured cocoa butter. The colours we use are curcumin for yellow, spirulina for blue & beetroot for pink (& then to make the purple, we mix the spirulina & beetroot together).


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