Find out more about how we care about avoiding single use plastics

Find out more about how we care about avoiding single use plastics

Claire here with an update for you all on this very important issue:

As a round the world sailor myself, the now growing awareness of the huge issue of plastics in our oceans is something that is very dear to my heart. Hearing about the plastic seen in the oceans & microplastics found in water samples taken in the Southern Ocean (which should be pristine), by yachts taking part in the latest Volvo Ocean Race has been heartbreaking.

Ever since we established Chococo back in 2002, we have cared about minimising our usage of plastic where possible. For example, we have NEVER used plastic inserts to contain the chocolates in our Selection boxes unlike most other chocolate companies. Our boxes have always had simple cardboard grids inside and always will. By the way, it is easy to take the grid apart to get chocolates out of the box for anyone with large fingers!
Something else we have offered since 2002 is the 10% discount we will give you if you bring your empty selection box back into any of our chocolate houses for re-filling with fresh chocolates!

Our carrier bags have always been paper and in our cafes, we offered fully compostable takeaway cups before many people were even aware that it was an option, our straws are paper (but we are still trying to wean our customers off the straws habit) & if you have a takeaway ice cream in a tub, the spoon is wooden.

We are also selling reusable "Keepcups" in a variety of sizes & formats for takeaway hot drinks. However, you can bring ANY reusable cup into our Chocolate Houses & we will give you 50p off your takeaway hot chocolate or 30p off a takeaway coffee or tea.

We also offer tap water free of charge for drinking when visiting us, or for refilling your own water bottle.

Finally, some very exciting news is that we have found a supplier of compostable, food safe wood pulp bags which match nearly all the sizes of bags we are using to wrap clusters, shapes & lollies etc in and will be making the switch over the next few weeks. The new wood pulp bags will degrade quickly in a domestic compost bin too - wow! We will give more information about them once we have got them in & have started packing items in them.

There is still much work to do as we have yet to find biodegradable alternatives for a few remaining items but please remember that all the plastic that we do work with is recyclable, so please put it in the recycling bin, not for landfill!

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