Say hello to Black Forest Gateau, our September Chocolate of the Month

Say hello to Black Forest Gateau, our September Chocolate of the Month

Hello September! Not only does this herald the start of meteorological Autumn (how did that happen!?!) but also being a new month, it's time to say hello to our featured chocolate of the month, Black Forest Gateau. This Chococo style riff on the flavours of the classic cake was a hit when we launched it last autumn, it is now also an award-winner, having won 1 Star Gold in this year's Great Taste Awards!

We were chuffed to bits that it has won a gong as it was popular last year with our customers, so it is back for this Autumn with a star to its name! This chocolate is one of our more complex ones in that it is made up of three distinct layers encased in an Ecuador origin dark chocolate shell - a boozy dark chocolate layer laced with kirsch (cherry brandy), then a creamy white chocolate layer and finally on top, a layer of Dorset-made sour cherry jam for that bright, tart cherry fruity flavour hit.

This is what the Great Taste judges (food writers, chefs, food producer types) had to say about this chocolate - by the way they judge in groups (to hopefully remove personal preferences that might skew results) and also very importantly, they judge everything blind (Claire our co-founder has been a great taste judge for many years now so knows how objective they try to make the process) - anyway, back to our Black Forest Gateau chocolate feedback:

'Pretty chocolates with a sheeny tempered shell, pink speckles & a decorative white swirl. These are really balanced in their flavours and the layering of their fillings, the bitter shell working in harmony with the sweeter elements, the fruit flavour very much in evidence and the booze distinct, but skilfully not overdone.'
'An attractive-looking chocolate. Good gloss, beautifully crafted, charming cherry-esque decoration. Commendably thin, crisp chocolate shell. Cuts beautifully into halves and even quarters. Good, non-too-sweet cherry flavour (of which one judge wanted more). Really deep, dark, richly flavoured chocolate that lingers long on the palate.'

This chocolate is available to buy now in our four Chocolate Houses across the south (Swanage, Winchester, Exeter & Horsham), will be included online in our fresh selection boxes and subscription boxes this month and can also be purchased online in a box on its own - click here to find out more about the Box of 9 Black Forest Gateau chocolates.

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