What are posh chocolates?

What are posh chocolates?

You may remember fondly back to the posh box of chocolates your parents brought out for special guests at Christmas, or visiting Belgium and stepping into a chocolatier with cabinets full of posh truffles.

Rich, creamy, and most definitely not for the everyday, posh chocolates have always been seen as something to savour and enjoy on the most special of occasions.

But what really are posh chocolates? And what makes them posh?

To us, posh chocolates should always contain the finest ingredients. From single origin chocolate to fresh, local cream, they should be perfection in every bite.

Posh chocolate should be beautiful. From the mouthwatering hand-decorated chocolate domes to luxurious packaging that makes you smile, every element of your chocolate journey should be beautiful.

Chocolate, of any kind, should be ethical. Supporting farmers, grown sustainably, celebrating the pure ingredients and not filled with any additives, and providing fair wages to all involved. This is no different for posh chocolates.

And of course, posh chocolates should make you feel special. They should make moments memorable, bring joy to any occasion and leave such a lasting impression that you cannot help but remember back fondly for years to come.

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