Pimm’s Punch Perfection

A bright pink square with Pimms Punch chocolates, on cut in half showing ganache inside. Green text reading Pimms Punch Perfection surround the image

Here Here! Time for a glass of something quintessentially British, and a fruity favourite throughout the summer months – Pimms!

We took this fresh cocktail to the next level and produced a limited edition Pimm’s Punch chocolate, now back for our July chocolate of the month!

Handcrafted in our Dorset chocolate kitchen, we have encapsulated the refreshing taste of Pimm’s straight from the bottle to the bowl. Infusing the coolness of cucumber, freshness of crushed mint, zest of orange and sweetness of strawberries within real Dorset cream and chocolate... and yes, when we say fresh ingredients, we really mean it! This is then all encased in a decadent 72% Ecuador dark chocolate dome and delicately decorated by our talented chocolate artists using natural colours.

As you take a bite, expect an explosion of a perfectly balanced boozy punch and smooth chocolate, bursting with flavours that transport you to the pinnacle of your summer.

Eat anytime, but this is enjoyed even more when paired with a pitcher of Pimm’s watching a game of Wimbledon, at a garden party or as a picnic companion - we think it’s a match you are sure to love.


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