Our 'Sapphire' Sea Salt Caramels Egg is Good Housekeeping Institute Approved!

Our 'Sapphire' Sea Salt Caramels Egg is Good Housekeeping Institute Approved!

We were delighted to see our Sapphire milk chocolate egg filled with our award-winning Dorset Sea Salt Caramel gems (did you see what we did there with the play on gems & a blue precious stone that links to the sea?) be one of the few milk chocolate eggs to be awarded a Good Housekeeping Institute Taste Approved logo in their annual Easter Eggs taste test.

It was awarded 80/100 and the GHI tasters had this to say about our egg:
"This slightly geometric egg is hand decorated with colourful "paint splatters" and filled with gorgeous salted caramel gems. Our testers loved the stunning design and enjoyed the aroma of creamy sweet chocolate and mouthwatering cocoa notes. The full flavour and smooth texture were a hit too, with the hidden gems inside combining intense caramel, dark milk chocolate, and a hint of sea salt."

Our Milk & Dark chocolate Ocean Easter Eggs also both 'passed' the taste test - not bad to have 3 eggs positively reviewed as being amongst the best for 2024!

However, you will notice that we are not displaying the official Good Housekeeping Institute Taste Approved logo on our product photography as, being a small artisan business, we cannot afford the extortionate £3,500 licence fee they charge to use the logo for 3 months (mind you, there isn't much point having it for 3 months when Easter is less than 6 weeks away!).
Please bear that in mind when you see this logo on supermarket or big brands for whatever products they may be....they have huge marketing budgets and such fees are small fry to them - to a small business such as ours, there is no way we can afford such a huge cost to show that we are officially endorsed by the GHI which is very frustrating (and a bit sad). 

Click here to read the full review of the 2024 Good Housekeeping Egg taste test

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