Our New Oat M!lk Chocolate gelato is a 2 Star Gold award winner!

Our New Oat M!lk Chocolate gelato is a 2 Star Gold award winner!

We were chuffed to bits about all our latest Great Taste Awards but about this one in particular as developing this plant-based gelato with the right creamy mouthfeel and taste was quite a challenge! So it was very satisfying to see it win a coveted 2 Star Gold Great Taste award - not many products manage that!

This gelato is made with our 43% Colombia origin chocolate which uses gluten-free oat powder rather than dairy milk to give a creamy taste without dairy. This chocolate is made in Colombia for us by our direct trade partners Luker using fine Fino de Aroma cocoa beans grown in the Huila, Tumaco & Santander regions. We then blend this chocolate with water to create a sorbet-based gelato which is still plant-based and naturally vegan-friendly, but has a creamy rich texture.

This is what the Great Taste judges had to say about our oat m!lk chocolate gelato:

'This has such a wonderfu,l rich dark chocolate colour, and the taste is just as rich and chocolatey. It is as rich as any dairy gelato and the complex chocolate has been handled with great care. You would not know this is a vegan ice cream - and that really is a compliment.'

'This gelato has a rich dark chocolatey colour with a smooth finish and good cocoa aroma. It combines a good 'chew' with toasty, nutty and earthy vegetal flavours of chocolate. It comes across as rich enough to satisfy those who like a creamy texture, but has the clarity and freshness of a sorbet that allows to chocolate flavour to promote itself. Good balance of bitter chocolate and sweetness.'

This gelato is available in our four Chocolate Houses in Swanage, Winchester, Exeter and Horsham in either cones or pots. We hope you enjoy discovering it and agree with the Great Taste judges comments!

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