Oops! Our Peach Bellini has a darker shell than it should...

Oops! Our Peach Bellini has a darker shell than it should...

When we say we craft our chocolates by hand, we certainly mean it, and whilst we have lots of systems in place to ensure we don't make mistakes, it can happen as we are human. 

We have had a big oops moment this week in that we have managed to pipe our Peach Bellini ganache into dark chocolate gem shells instead of milk chocolate for these creations going into our Valentine Selection boxes & to our shops - yes we pipe all our chocolates into their moulds by hand, no machines here at Chococo! 

It doesn't affect the overall flavour that much as the shell is thin, whilst the gloriously peachy centre of white chocolate blended with peach-infused fresh Dorset cream, creme de peches liqueur & marc de champagne is exactly as it should be. However, it does mean that you just finish with a slightly stronger chocolate taste. Some of you may actually prefer that!

So huge apologies from all of us for getting this one wrong...there has been much wailing & gnashing of teeth as we have huddled to ensure an error like this cant happen again & we are all re-doubling our efforts to be epic.

Please be assured that future batches will be made with milk chocolate gem shells and this chocolate will be back to how it should be. It won't be around for long though as we will only be making this flavour until the end of March to make space for new flavours.



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