Olive magazine love the runny caramel pods inside our Sea Salt Caramels Egg!

Olive magazine love the runny caramel pods inside our Sea Salt Caramels Egg!

In their Easter Egg Taste Test published online in mid March 2019, Olive magazine tasted a lot of eggs & decided that our Sea Salt Caramels egg was the best design.

They described it as "funky" and they loved the egg's thick shell, the quality of the chocolate and the mini dark chocolate cocoa pods inside - in fact they said; "We love the dark chocolate pods with runny caramel" - we are very happy with that!

Our Sea Salt Caramels egg is handmade of our house milk chocolate which is unique to us. It contains 45% cocoa solids (which is very high for a house milk chocolate, or most milk chocolates come to that) & is made with fine cocoa beans from Venezuela.

Each egg is made up in halves into which are placed several mini cocoa pod-shaped dark chocolates filled with our Dorset Sea Salt Caramel which won a Bronze Academy of Chocolate Award in 2018.
The sea salt comes from the Dorset Sea Salt Company based on the Isle of Portland, a bit further west of us here in Purbeck, and established by Jethro. We work with his apple oak smoked sea salt for this caramel & it gives the caramel a wonderful warmth on the finish.

Each Easter egg is then stuck together by hand by Dan before being decorated by hand by either Jacqui or Emma. The patterns are achieved using paintbrushes & toothbrushes to splatter the egg with naturally coloured cocoa butter. The colours used are curcumin, spirulina & beetroot...these eggs are truly a labour of love to create & each one will be quite unique in its design! 

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