The OFM & The Independent love the Chococo Robot Egg

The OFM & The Independent love the Chococo Robot Egg

Our Milk chocolate Robot Egg wins joint 1st place for Children's Eggs in the OFM (Observer Food Monthly) Easter taste taste on 15th March 2015.

They had this to say about our Robot Egg:
"The robots are a good surprise. A successful balance of bitterness and sweet. Sweet enough for a child"

We think these comments are due to our Venezuelan milk chocolate containing 43% cocoa solids and therefore a lot less sugar than the other milk chocolate eggs on test - hence their recognition of the more intense flavour of our chocolate!

The Independent published a review of the "15 best chocolate eggs for kids" on 16th March and this to say about our Robot egg:
"On the outside, this milk chocolate egg is hand decorated with a starburst pattern of edible silver shimmer. On the inside, you will find milk chocolate robots waiting to be activiated, surrounded by edible golden sugar. It looks great and the chocolate is delicious".

Plus they have this to say in their verdict at the end of the review:
"Chococo's Robot Easter egg is innovative and divine"

Click here to view our Robot egg.

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