We have some exciting news to share with you all!

In addition to our recent ice cream launch; vegan 70% Madagascar, you can now taste our award-winning Lemon Zing & Arbequina & Sea Salt chocolates as ice creams too!

Lemon Zing chocolate is local fresh lemond curd in a white chocolate ganache which won a Bronze Academy of Chocolate Award in 2017 & Silver International Chocolate Award (British) in 2016. Arbequina & Sea Salt is Spanish Arbequina olive oil & smoked sea salt in a dark chocolate ganache. In 2016, it won a World Bronze International Chocolate Award & a Silver Academy of Chocolate Award, so you know our chocolates are very special.

Each ice cream flavour is made by Blair & Sandy in our original chocolate kitchen in Swanage which is then delivered by Steve to each Chocolate House, once a week. As each Chocolate House has a limited supply, once they're gone - they're gone!

Look out for all of our 'Frococo' ice creams in our ice cream display unit.