We are delighted to announce the launch of not just one chocolate of the month for February, but two!

We thought it would be most apt to launch these two suitably indulgent and luscious flavoured caramels for February, given that it is also the season of love.

Both chocolates are shaped like sparkling gems in our rich house 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate and are filled with caramel infused with Grappa di Prosecco from Italy.
This concentrated version of Prosecco gives a wonderful warmth & almost tropical fruit notes to the Prosecco Caramel chocolate.

We then add a dash of British Cassis, or blackcurrant liqueur, to create our Kir Royale chocolate. Whilst cassis is traditionally seen as a French liqueur, we source ours from White Heron based in Herefordshire who are producing "British Cassis" & quite delicious it is too!

Co-founder Claire is quite partial to a Kir Royale when celebrating special occasions, so was more than happy to lead the creation of our chocolate version! We have decorated this chocolate with a suitably blackcurrant-inspired lilac colour which is created by mixing natural colours (beetroot & spirulina) with cocoa butter.