The launch of 100% Ecuador Single Estate chocolate flakes

The launch of 100% Ecuador Single Estate chocolate flakes

Whilst we are still experiencing such a cold Spring, there is still time to still enjoy the delight that is a truly fine hot chocolate made with pure chocolate flakes, not powders with added sweeteners or any weirdy stuff. Our NEW sugar-free 100% Ecuador single estate is part of our new range of hot chocolates in a new easy to use flakes format and in plastic-free packaging.

As well as the 100% flakes, our range includes a sweet 45% Venezuela milk chocolate, a bright, vibrant 70% Madagascar dark chocolate (this one is also our house hot chocolate) and a robust 80% Uganda dark chocolate. As well as being totally delicious, each of the origins from 70% to 100% are also naturally vegan-friendly, so you can make a vegan drink if you use any plant milk.

So why have we launched a new 100% from Ecuador? Apart from it tasting delicious (yes it is intense, but if the cocoa taste is too strong for you, you can always add sugar to suit), this is very special chocolate as, not only is it Raisetrade (produced in its country of origin, as our 70% Madagascar is) which better supports the local economy via exporting value added products, but it is also our first truly Direct Trade partnership working directly with the producers Martinetti Cocoa, a small family-owned chocolate company based in Quevedo in the heart of the Los Rios cocoa growing region of Ecuador.

Historically Martinetti only exported cocoa beans but are now making added value chocolate at their small factory in Quevedo. Jonathan Martinetti and his team buy the cocoa beans at a premium price directly from local farms and ferment and dry at their factory to ensure quality control. Our Martinetti chocolate also has full traceability down to the single estate the cocoa is grown in - Hacienda Zoilita in the north of the province. Hacienda Zoilita is a 200 hectare farm of which 160 hectares are planted with cocoa trees and the remaining with a natural forest of teak and papaya, which also create shade for the cocoa trees. It is a professionally run, family farm with the adults of three families working on the farm whilst children go to school. A benefit for these workers is affiliation to Ecuador's healthcare system (which is not free to access unlike the NHS), which also pays towards a state pension. This farm has also had Rainforest Alliance certification and is in the process of renewing that. They supply Martinetti exclusively with their pure Arriba cocoa beans, the national heritage bean of Ecuador, with a gorgeous fruity flavour with gentle floral and citrus tones. All Martinetti chocolate is also soya-free. Martinetti and the team at Hacienda Zoilita have built a strong relationship over the years and this chocolate has passion for the quality of the cocoa, the farmers and long term sustainability at its heart. Take a look at the Martinetti Cocoa website if you want any further reassurances as to their ethics.

We are delighted to be working directly with Martinetti chocolate - fully traceable, trusted, sustainable, ethical and delicious! We hooked up with Cindy of the Martinetti family last year, as she is also now based in Dorset (don't you just love a small world) & we started tasting their amazing chocolate and these 100% flakes is our first project.

In fact, we are the first chocolate company outside Ecuador to taste their chocolate and we have lots of exciting news to come later this summer but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this 100% sugar-free hot chocolate!

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cocoa tree on Hacienda Zoilita Ecuador

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