Chocolate Gifts to Delight this Mother's Day on 14th March

Chocolate Gifts to Delight this Mother's Day on 14th March

We’d like to help you with some inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts. We’ve put a lot of extra thought into our chocolate gifts this year, because we all need a bit of a boost right now and it’s time to show our Mums how much we love them.
Do you remember Mother’s Day last year? It was the day before the first Covid-19 lockdown announcement on 23 March! This year it falls on Sunday 14 March as it’s always exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.
Everyone’s had a tough year since last Mother’s day. You might not even be able to see your Mum this year, which is why you’re looking to order a special chocolate gift online. Well we’ve got your back with our selection boxes, Mother’s Day Giftbag, personalised chocolate hearts, chocolate hampers and other delicious chocolate treats that are sure to delight your Mum. Here at Chococo we firmly believe that nothing says ‘ I love you’ quite like handcrafted chocolates.

This year, we’ve put together two carefully curated selection boxes: The Mother’s Day Fresh Selection Box - Large with 25 chocolates and the Mother’s Day Fresh Selection - Medium with 16. We’ve made the selection slightly sweeter this year, with more milk chocolates and mostly soft centres. Just thinking about the flavours in the Mother’s Day selection boxes this year is enough to make our mouths water. They include our popular Rhubarb & Vanilla, a new recipe for Peach Bellini (our favourite champagne cocktail), vanilla and hazelnut milk chocolate truffles, smooth hazelnut praline, orange, nutmeg and lemon curd, plus the ever popular Dorset sea salt caramel.
We’ve balanced out the Mother’s Day Selection Boxes with a few dark chocolates too. They include Salcombe Sundowner, Salcombe gin with pink grapefruit (an irresistible combination if ever there was one) and Wild Thing with a kirsch soaked griottine cherry in the centre. There are just a few with hard centres, including our crunchy honeycombe and gold caramelised white chocolate, studded with crunchy roasted cocoa nibs. You can see a full list of the flavours on the contents sections of the selection boxes’ web pages.

Oh yes and we’re bringing our Cream Tea chocolate back for Mother's Day too! It’s been refreshed with a new raspberry jam made specially for us by Susan of the Alweston Jam & Chutney Empire in North Dorset. That makes it a double Dorset flavour with Craig's Farm Dairy clotted cream in the ganache as well! We’ve also refreshed the ruby chocolate heart by adding a dried tart cherry, rather than a soft ganache. For this year's Mother's Day Selection Boxes, our talented Rhianna has designed a pretty new wrap to go around each box which is free of charge. 

We are also offering a new Mother's Day Gift Bag containing a medium Mother's Day Selection box and a milk chocolate lollipop. You can also select two further items to make it more personalised for the mum in your life by choosing a flavour of 75g chocolate heart and a treats-filled carton.

Don’t forget that the Mother’s Day Selection Boxes & Gift Bag contain fresh ingredients. They need to be consumed within three weeks maximum, so you won’t want them to arrive too early. If you pre-order now, the first delivery date is 8th March but you can select a date closer to Mother's Day using our Future Day 1st Class delivery option. 

All the other items shown, don't have that restriction, so you can have them delivered direct to mum whenever you like! You can add a personal gift message for no additional charge for all orders too.

If you’re looking for a unique personalised gift, you can have your message piped onto a large, luxurious chocolate heart decorated with hand-painted naturally coloured flowers. Available in milk chocolate, gold caramelised white chocolate and vegan-friendly dark chocolate, it’s a very special way to show your Mum how much she means to you.

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