Our Madagascar 65% Mega Milk Egg is one of Woman & Home's "Top 3 Easter Eggs for Grown-Ups"

Our Madagascar 65% Mega Milk Egg is one of Woman & Home's

The food editor of Woman & Home magazine's April issue has picked our Madasgascar 65% Mega Milk egg as one of her top 3 Easter eggs for grown-ups.
She says that she picked our egg for its "wow factor and great taste!" 
She also really likes how it has less sugar than an 80% dark chocolate with a uniquely "dark/milk" taste.

We are very proud of our Madagascar 65% Mega Milk egg as it does indeed contain as much cocoa as in dark chocolate & actually more than some dark chocolates) but because of the presence of 27% milk, it only contains 8% added sugar (wowsers). The presence of the milk softens the intensity of the chocolate and you never know that you were eating a milk chocolate with such a low % of sugar.

This chocolate is also produced by Chocolaterie Robert a local chocolate company in Madagascar with local Grand Cru de Sambirano cocoa beans. This is known as "Raisetrade" chocolate as it goes beyond Fairtrade in that this company is exporting a finished product with the value added in the country of origin vs exporting just a raw commodity, ie: dried cocoa beans.

Chococo co-founder Claire visited the company & their cocoa plantations in the Sambirano valley in 2016 & we were the first UK chocolatiers to work with this very special chocolate.

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