We were tickled pink to see our 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Easter egg on the front cover of the Telegraph magazine on April 13th 2019.
This issue of the Telegraph magazine was their Easter Food Special which included a very comprehensive review of the best Easter eggs & other gifts for this year.
They think our egg has a "chic design" & is a great go between a dark egg and a milk egg given it contains 65% cocoa  & 27% milk and therefore very little sugar.

They also included our new Vegan Milc egg in their review of the best "free-from" eggs available now saying that the "successful ones stand out a mile".

They give our Vegan Milc egg number 1 billing and declare that the use of cashews instead of milk gives the chocolate "a gentle flavour reminiscent of wafer biscuits".
We can reassure you that there are no biscuits in this chocolate!

Both the eggs featured in this article are soya-free & gluten-free and of course, the Vegan Milc is also dairy-free!

Click here to view our 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Easter Egg

Click here to view our Vegan Milc Easter Egg