Meet our new look Ducks & Drops

Meet our new look Ducks & Drops

As you may know, we are passionate about being as sustainable as we can be and this includes all our packaging and consumables formats.

In fact, ever since we launched Chococo back in 2002, we have tried to keep our usage of plastic packaging as low as possible. For instance, our selection boxes have always had cardboard grids inside to hold each chocolate in place, never those awful plastic trays you see in so many boxed chocolates - we were well ahead of the curve in our concern about plastic, given this wasn't really being talked about back then!

We have also never offered plastic carrier bags in our shops, always paper bags and now we also sell useful recycled canvas shopping bags which support a women's social enterprise in India, both online & in our shops.

We use recyclable cardboard kraft boxes for many of our items and where something is wrapped in a clear bag or cello, whilst that item might look like it is wrapped in plastic, that bag or cello is actually made of compostable cornstarch or woodpulp - happy days!

Over time, we have gradually swapped items in plastic boxes, or with plastic elements in the packaging, for kraft tubs, tubes or boxes with paper wraps. This Easter, we moved all our eggs into cardboard boxes with the eggs wrapped in food safe tissue inside and now our fun chocolate ducks are getting the same treatment.

Say hello to our stylish new boxes for our family of milk, gold & dark chocolate ducks and new kraft tubs for all our various single origin chocolate drops, all launched online this week. These new look ducks and chocolate drops will also be in our chocolate house shops as of 12th April when they are allowed to re-open again.

By the way, we have been on a plastic-free mission in our Chocolate Houses cafes for years too - our takeaway drinks cups are fully compostable (and we offer discounts for any customers bringing in a reusable keep cup for takeaway drinks), our gelato tubs are also compostable and we only use wooden spoons and paper straws - we have been on this mission for a while now!

As of today, we can say that 100% of our packaging is recyclable, recycled or compostable BUT we haven't quite removed ALL plastic packaging from our entire range - our studded slabs are presented in plastic-fronted (albeit recyclable plastic) bags. So it is now our mission to find an alternative to these bags and then we will be 100% plastic-free. We will definitely get the pom poms out when we upgrade these friends too!

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