Our 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Egg is one of the Best Luxury Eggs for 2019 according to the Evening Standard

Our 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Egg is one of the Best Luxury Eggs for 2019 according to the Evening Standard

In their round-up of "The Best Luxury Easter Eggs for 2019", on March 23rd, the Evening Standard included our 65% Madagascar Mega Milk Easter Egg describing it as "combining style and substance" . They comment on the fact that it contains  65% single origin chocolate with only 8% added sugar. They also love the "luxe looking" gold dusting design on the outside of the egg too.

Click here to view the full review in the Evening Standard

Click here to view our Madagascar Mega Milk Easter Egg

We first launched our Madagascar Mega Milk Egg two years ago when this gorgeous Raisetrade 65% milk chocolate came into the UK from Chocolaterie Robert who produce it from locally grown fine grand cru de sambirano cocoa at their factory in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. We were very proud to be the first UK chocolatiers to work with this chocolate and christened it Mega Milk as it is truly mega in taste! (I also love a bit of alliteration!). 

This chocolate is perfect for anyone who wants to eat chocolate with as little sugar as possible, but prefers the creaminess of a milk chocolate to the pure intensity of a high cocoa solids dark chocolate.

With this chocolate, you get to enjoy a chocolate with as much cocoa (& in many cases more) as dark chocolate (ie: 65% cocoa solids),but because it contains 27% milk, there is only 8% added sugar (which is much less than most dark chocolates). You would never know that there is so little sugar in it as the natural creaminess from the milk, softens the flavours. A well balanced "dark" milk chocolate such as this brings out the cocoa flavours, so that you are clearly tasting the bright, tangy, fruity Madagascan origin chocolate but with a softer finish on the palette than with an equivalent dark.

We at Chococo are all hooked on this chocolate as it is a new style of milk chocolate and you will probably now notice other companies offering similar high cocoa solids milk chocolates as we all start to experiment more and push the boundaries of what is a "milk" chocolate. 

If you haven't discovered this milk chocolate yet and can make it to one of our Chocolate Houses, as well as being able to buy the mini bars of this chocolate there, the teams should always have some samples for you to taste it too!

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