How do you define luxury chocolate?

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Throughout its long history in human society, Chocolate has been considered a luxury item. A godly liquor of the Mesoamericans, to the most valuable prize of Roald Dahl’s Charlie - chocolate has been loved by all ages and considered a truly special luxury.

In recent years, with the increased availability of cheap ingredients and mass production, a lot of chocolate has become an everyday, sweet treat available in bulk from supermarkets, and is not always seen as a luxury item anymore.

So is the difference between your everyday supermarket chocolate and true luxury chocolate, and what defines luxury chocolate? Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate, is a plant that originated in South America and is now grown in countries around the equator. The cocoa pod is harvested and after a process of drying, fermenting and grinding, the starts of chocolate as you know it, is born.

Like any food produce, the quality of chocolate can vary dramatically. From different types of cocoa trees and how the beans are processed to worker conditions and the addition of cheap fillers such as lots of sugar and palm oil, many different elements make up the final produce, and contribute to whether the end chocolate is considered a luxury or not.

At Chococo, we pride ourselves on using the finest, sustainable, single origin chocolate. Single origin chocolate is one that is produced with cocoa beans from a single area. This ensures a consistent pure flavour, distinct to that type of chocolate.

We have also worked with chocolate that has a high cocoa percentage, so is lower in sugar, and contains no palm oil. This means you can enjoy a purer chocolate experience with no additives or cheap unnecessary ingredients.

Where possible, we work with Raisetrade chocolate, ie: chocolate produced from bean to couverture chocolate in its country of origin. Producing in the country of origin adds more value to the local economy as they are exporting an added value finished product vs low-value commodity dried cocoa beans, even fairtrade dried beans. It raises the value of their exports which benefits their economy in terms of employing higher-skilled labour, creating a local supply chain and generating higher tax revenues amongst other things.

For our fillings, we have worked with local producers since our start in 2002. Working with local food & drink producers has been one of the joys since we launched as they are as passionate about their cows, bees, cheeses, vodka stills, coffee roasters and hedgerows as we are about our chocolates. Together we can produce truly unique chocolates that are a true reflection of what's best about Dorset and the South West! Being so close to our producers also ensures we are always working with the finest, luxury produce.

To us, using single origin, sustainable, ethical chocolate and the finest local ingredients is what luxury chocolate is all about.

Knowing exactly what you are eating, where it has come from, that the chocolate you are enjoying has provided a fair wage to workers through the whole process and that your food is not full of cheap nasty ingredients, is all vital in luxury chocolates and not something you will ever get with mass-produced supermarket chocolates.

And to top it off, using the finest origin chocolate and best ingredients ensures you will always have incredible tasting chocolates that bring you true joy – the ultimate luxury.

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