Introducing Chococo X Project Seagrass

Introducing Chococo X Project Seagrass

We are very excited to announce that every purchase of our Large Fish & Chips made will now support Project Seagrass, an environmental charity dedicated to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems.

Seagrass meadows produce oxygen, clean our coastal waters, absorb greenhouse gas emissions and help keep our oceans healthy which stabilises the climate.

Thousands of species, including fish, turtles & seahorses, depend on seagrass for food & shelter.

Despite covering just 0.1% of the ocean floor, seagrass stores 18% of global oceanic carbon, but these amazing carbon sinks are under threat – 1 hectare of seagrass is lost every hour.

Saving seagrass is vital to saving our seas and stabilising the Earth’s atmosphere.

Every sale of our Large Chocolate Fish and Chips will help support the amazing work this charity does and help protect our seas, atmosphere and marine life. 

To find out more about Project Seagrass, visit

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