We're so pleased to see The Independent feature our Sea Salt Caramel Easter Egg as a "Best Luxury Easter Egg" for Easter 2018! 

Here's what they had to say about it:

"Oh, this egg. The diamond-style outer is made from 43 per cent Venezuelan origin milk chocolate – and if you think that’s decadent, wait until you taste the smoked sea-salt caramels inside, which offer an explosion of rich flavours on the tongue. There’s a splatter of colours on the egg, too – all natural and thoroughly beautiful. And if you’re planning on buying more than one, there’s currently a deal of two for £34."

We only use natural colours here at Chococo, so each Sea Salt Caramel Easter egg is hand-painted with cocoa butter blended with natural colours of beetroot, curcumin & spirulina to create this bright & colourful pattern. Being hand-decorated, no two eggs will be exactly the same either. 

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