Hot Chocolate: Not Just For Winter!

Hot Chocolate: Not Just For Winter!

If you think you can only enjoy hot chocolate in the winter, we'll prove you differently!

We have 4 different ways to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate which are available in all 4 of our Chocolate Houses. Our hot chocolates contain no powders or syrups, just pure chocolate & natural flavours.

1. A classic single origin hot chocolate. Choose from a range of origins across the world and enjoy with fresh milk or dairy-free alternatives. Enjoy in our 4 air-conditioned Chocolate Houses! 

2. A hot chocolate on the rocks. This 'OffTheMenu' drink is our house 70% Madagascar hot chocolate served over ice. Perfect on a hot day!

3. A hot chocolate "berg". Another 'OffTheMenu' treat, a hot chocolate of your choice with a scoop of local ice cream to cool it down! 

4. A Chocpresso - Our chocolate version of an espresso coffee. Simply an intense pure shot of 75% Tanzania origin dark chocolate blended with water.

Why not get your tastebuds tingling with some added flavours! Choose from Salted Caramel, Dulce de Leche, Orange, Chilli & Cinnamon, yum! 

Don't forget you can add marshmallows, malt balls & cream too. 


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