Hot chocolate drops to flakes.

Hot chocolate drops to flakes.

Hot chocolate is essential at Chococo. Rich, delicious and energy-boosting, real hot chocolate is a true pleasure. We are constantly working to ensure that we provide the best hot chocolate experience for everyone.

From testing different kinds of milk to trialling different chocolate, we are always working to create the finest single origin hot chocolates to offer in our four chocolate houses and on our website. Our hot chocolates range from creamy milk chocolates to deep, intense dark chocolates.

Providing a wide range of single origin hot chocolates means that there is something for everyone to enjoy. From sweet to sugar-free, and fruity notes to earthy undertones, each chocolate has its own, unique flavour.

Over the years we have created drinking chocolate in different formats, in the pursuit of making the perfect hot chocolate. From drops to flakes, we have explored all of the best possible ways to make the ultimate drink.

Our four core hot chocolates are available to enjoy in our chocolate house cafes, or to buy from our shops and on our website.

These core hot chocolates are 45% Venezuela milk, 70% Madagascar dark, 80% Uganda dark, and 100% sugar-free Ecuador dark.

We have found that these chocolates work best as flakes, rather than drops. Although drops, which we have previously used, still create a fantastic hot chocolate, flakes are easier and quicker to melt, and create a smoother consistency when making at home.

We flake the couverture in our Dorset kitchen, shredding the chocolate into fine shards, which easily meltdown in warm milk or a plant-based alternative to create a wonderful mouthfeel and bring out the pure flavour of the chocolate.

You can find our hot chocolate flakes being used in our Chocolate House cafes, and for sale in our shops and on our website. You can also get your very own hot chocolate shaker from us, so you can make your perfect, frothy hot chocolate at home!


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