Did you know that our cocoa dusted cocoa beans are very high in fibre?

Did you know that our cocoa dusted cocoa beans are very high in fibre?

We know that fibre isnt the most exciting topic of conversation & usually leads to sighs about the joys of eating high fibre cereals or prunes, but when we saw the news on Friday discussing the recent research which proves its importance to help prevent disease, we thought we should remind everyone about our roasted cocoa beans covered in dark chocolate & dusted in cocoa powder.
Because not only are they dairy-free, vegan-friendly, soya-free and low in sugar, they are also very high in fibre! Who knew that this was the case with chocolate!

Produced in Madasgascar & crafted by Chocolaterie Robert in Antananrivo, these cocoa beans are a new way of eating chocolate and make for a moreish nibble - like a cocoa dusted almond, but nut-free.

They are made from grand cru de Sambirano beans from the cocoa growing region of Sambirano in the North West of Madagascar, which are truly fine, fruity cocoa beans, and when roasted & smothered in 70% dark chocolate & a light dusting of cocoa powder (also produced by Chocolaterie Robert from the same beans) become a very "nib-able" snack!

As mentioned, they are also very low in sugar (just 15g/100g) & are also very high in fibre (something that even we when they first came in from Madagascar, having worked in the fine chocolate industry for 15 years)  hadn't appreciated about roasted cocoa beans....they contain 22g of fibre/100g (that's not far off original Allbran cereal at 27g!). 
These have been nicknamed our daily fibre pills by the team here at Chococo, but they are so much more delicious than a normal high fibre product!

These cocoa beans will last a long time too, so no need to consume quickly...enjoy a few a day for an intense and very special chocolate hit.

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