Our new Dark Chocolate Seaside Egg is one of the best dairy-free Easter eggs for 2017 according to Hello!

Our new Dark Chocolate Seaside Egg is one of the best dairy-free Easter eggs for 2017 according to Hello!

Hello! online published their review of the best dairy-free Easter eggs for 2017 on April 6th 2017.

As they say, "People who are vegan or have dietary restrictions needn't miss out on delicious chocolate eggs this Easter!  We've rounded up some of the best dairy-free eggs for 2017 from luxury chocolatiers along with some of the leading supermarkets…."

They have listed x11 eggs in their review and this is what they have to say about our new 67% Madagascan origin dark chocolate Seaside Egg:

"Any chocolate lover will be thrilled with this dark chocolate egg, which pays homage to Chococo's close promixity to the Dorset coast wth seahorses, sea shells and star fish on the inside."

We are delighted to have our new origin dark chocolate egg so recognised. The origin chocolate we work with to make this egg by hand comes from the Sambirano region in North West Madagascar and is a unique blend of criollo, trinitario & forestero cocoa beans in what is known as the grand cru de Sambirano. Madagascan cocoa beans have a unique flavour profile, tending towards red berry fruit notes. This particular chocolate also has a very soft finish on the palette as it is low in acidity (chocolate has a natural acidity & contains tannins too that all contribute to the taste experience), so is a wonderful chocolate to give to younger chocolate lovers too!

By the way, this egg is both naturally dairy-free (as dark chocolate is just a blend of cocoa beans & sugar) and gluten-free (as chocolate does not contain any gluten), but this particular dark chocolate does contain a tiny amount of soya lecithin (added in very small amounts as an emulsifier to help the chocolate & sugar to bond into a smooth liquid). 

If you are looking for an egg that is dairy-free, gluten-free AND soya-free, may we suggest you look at our new 85% MegaDark egg, also made with Madagascan chocolate, but from a different producer who uses sunflower lecithin instead of soya. This egg is more intense in flavour as there is less sugar, but it is very very beautiful, fruity, tangy, bright chocolate - enjoy!

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